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Basic Guitar TAB Explained.

Guitar TAB is a simple and convenient way of writing down music for guitar.







There are six horizontal lines representing the six guitar string. The thickest string (low E) is the bottom line and the thinnest string (high E) is the top line.

The music is read left to right and the numbers represent the frets on your guitar.

  • The first note is on  the second string fretted at the 1st fret.
  • The second note is on the first string fretted at the 3rd fret.
  • The third note is on the third string fretted at the 3rd fret.
  • The fourth note is on the fourth string no frets (open string).

Tab with explaination





 A problem with guitar tab is that it does not give you information about how long each note should last for. This is where standard musical notation comes into it’s own.


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