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Becoming the best guitarist you can be by trying other musical styles on guitar.

Often people take up playing the guitar because they want to be like one of their heroes from a particular band. This can sometimes lead to them focusing too narrowly on one particular style or genre of guitar playing.

To develop as an all round guitar player it is important to be open to different styles and approaches to guitar playing. Not only will this help you in your chosen preferred style but help you to develop that unique style and sound that all guitarists dream of. Think of B.B. King, Clapton or The Edge as soon as you hear them on the radio you know it’s them straight away whoever they happen to be playing with.

Different styles of music favour different rhythmic patterns, chord progressions and scales. As you learn each one so the pallet of textures, feels and sounds you have to draw on in your playing expands.

When you learn something new it becomes a part of you and comes out in unexpected was.

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