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F major basic open position guitar chord.

The F major (F) guitar chord is the basic guitar chord that causes most people the most problems but like anything else practising it a little every day is what makes this chord happen. Just remember when your finding this difficult to fret cleanly it’s the same for everyone and persistence pays.

 F chord box

The 6th (E) string and the 5th (A) string are not played in this chord.

The 3rd finger frets the 4th (D) string at the 3rd fret.

The second finger frets the 3rd (G) string at the second fret.

The next bit is the bit that causes people problems.

The first finger must fret both the 2nd (B) string and the 1st (E) string at the same time at the first fret. This is achieved using the pad of the first finger spread across both strings.


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