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How to tune your guitar without an electronic tuner.

When you first start learning guitar you will probably use an electronic tuner to get your guitar into tune. They are very cheap these days and easy to use. But sooner or later you will be at a camp fire, barbecue or party and someone will bring out an out of tune guitar for you to use in an impromptu performance. You will not have your tuner with you so it’s time to learn to tune your guitar without one.


  1. Tune your guitar in the playing position. If you lay it flat to tune it as soon as you put it in the position you usually play in it will be out of tune.
  2. The notes from thickest string to thinnest are   E   A   D   G    B    E . To remember this remember Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie.
  3. When tuning always start below the target pitch and tune up to the correct pitch, your guitar will stay in tune better that way.
  4. Remember at the party you are just trying to get the guitar in tune with itself (unless you are playing with other instruments).
  5. You are going to do it by playing two notes together and making them sound the same.

The notes you will be comparing are given below, pluck both string together and listen;

  1. The 5th fret note on the low E (thickest 6th string) with the open A 5th string.
  2. The 5th fret note on the A string with the open D on the 4th string.
  3. The 5th fret note on the  D string with the open G string.
  4. The 4th fret  note on the G string with the open B string.
  5. The 5th fret note on the B string with the open highest E first string.

As the two notes you are playing at the same time get closer together you will here beats (a pulsing sound) slow. It’s hard to describe so watch my youtube video below to hear it in action.


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