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The 12 notes used in music.

In music their are 12 notes A B C D E F  and G, but hang on a minute that’s only 7. So where have the other 5 gone?


Don’t forget in music there are also sharps (#) and flats (b).

A sharp (#) symbol means raise the notes pitch by a semitone, go up one fret on a guitar.

A flat (b) symbol means lower the notes pitch by a semitone, go down one fret on a guitar.


So we have    A   A#   Bb   B   C   C#   Db   D   D#   Eb   E   F   F#   Gb   G     G#   Ab    hang on that’s 16 and I though there were supposed to be 12.

A# and Bb are the same note.

C# and Db are the same note.

D# and Eb are the same note.

F# and Gb are the same note.

G# and Ab are the same note.

So if we put the notes which have different names but are the same note in brackets. We get the final correct 12 notes.

A    (A# or Bb)   B    C    (C# or Db)    D    (D# or Eb)    E    F    (F# or Gb)    G    (G# or Ab)




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