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Whatever your standard of guitar playing get out there and play with other musicians to improve your skills.

If you really want to move your guitar playing forward it’s time to be brave and get out there and play with other musicians.

As soon as you can strum a couple of chords find every opportunity to get your guitar out and play with other people.

Lots of people learning to play guitar let self doubt about there standard of guitar playing get in the way of getting into playing with other musicians.

Try to think of it a different way, whatever happens it’s a really valuable learning experience.

If your just starting guitar and you know someone else who is get together and show each other what you have learnt, if you can learn a new song or a new chord from the other person then so much the better.

If you go to play with someone who is much better than you don’t be embarrassed about it it’s the perfect opportunity to learn from someone who is a little further down the line than you.

What about an open mic night or guitar jam night, don’t worry just do it. The feeling you get when you done something that scares you a little is fab.

Join a band or start a band.

It’s all out there for you, most of the time the only thing holding you back is YOU! Be brave.


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